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2016-01-20, 16:23

The current end of the chapter that was Zano has been published. Mark has publicly posted his results of research into the Zano rise and fall. It is a very long read, skip to the very end if you aren't really interested in his writing. I read the whole thing, at least all but a few paragraphs where I zoned out while my eyes kept moving across the screen.

How Zano Raised Millions on Kickstarter and Left Most Backers with Nothing

Kickstarter sent an email to us backers so we could see it first. Shortly they are planning to publicly share it. Since it's already not limited in any way I figured I'd let you all see it if you're interested.

For me, I'm not that turned off by Kickstarter or other crowd funding projects out there. I will view them more like gambling or "loaning" money to people. I'll just assume I'm never going to see the "reward" or the money back once it's parted my hands. That be nature means I'm going to have to be more cautious with what I'm willing to help fund.

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