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2008-03-20, 09:31

Originally Posted by Yontsey View Post
JColey2, did you end up buying that Sony STR-DG910 receiver?

I was actually looking to buy that same one because my decade+ year old Awia receiver just peaced out.

I was also thinking about upgrading and getting myself a Polk CS2 center channel. They also have a CS1.

I'd love some recommendations on a center channel, but I'm trying to get price down because I'm a cheap-skate, ha. Actually, just make all suggestions and I can weed them out.

By the way, has anyone noticed Best Buy's lack of home audio stock? I went there and they had nothing in the lines of receivers. It was pathetic.

The Worst Buy near me has one of those Magnolia sections, in there you can find high end receivers and components.

Most people buy those home theater kits, hence the lack of choice of the main floor.