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2008-09-02, 03:45

Originally Posted by Banana View Post
Out of curiosity, what is the HTML version that has the most widespread use? I understand that not all browsers/web apps use the most current HTML? I'd imagine that even if HTML 5 was indeed the HTML to end all HTML™, it'd be years before it was adopted, no?
I suppose all browsers fully implement HTML 3.2, but that's rather meaningless. No engine fully implements 4.01 (from 1997); therefore, not a one fully implements the equivalent XHTML 1.0, much less 1.1.

Several engines have started implementing subsets of HTML 5. I don't believe anything from XHTML 2 has ever been seriously implemented.

Aside from adding a boatload of new, much-needed features and standardizing on existing ones engines previously implemented separately, HTML 5 also clarifies a lot of how to use existing parts of HTML 4, so it might ultimately lead to a more consistent experience. That said, yes, it'll be a long time.