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2009-09-04, 09:33

It's just a bit of work. It gets bad and messy before it gets better. As long as you know that, going in, you're fine. I underestimated my time on a few dozen things but, in the end, it all came out okay. I'd originally planned/budgeted for about two weeks. Wound up being just over three (and that was with a couple of all-day Saturdays which were not in the original plan.

You always discover more things as you go along...this needs to be patched, this needs to be fixed, etc. And when you get into things like drywall compound, wood putty and priming/painting, those things come with their own timetables (drying times and so forth), so you might take a few unexpected detours, and find yourself waist-deep in a couple of tasks that you hadn't counted on.

But, yeah...if I can do it, anyone can.

And if it were my kitchen, yeah...there would be some nice burnt orange action going on (lasagna orange, I call it...tomato sauce with some ricotta cheese stirred in).

I'm probably a 3-6 months away from doing my own, so...

Originally Posted by Unch View Post
The black hinges and handles on the pure white cupboards against the striking red background look really really cool. It looks crisp and fresh without looking cold and unfriendly.
The neat thing is that the pics don't really do the hardware and hinges justice. They appear solid black in the pics, but they're an oil-rubbed bronze, with is more of a dark, dark brown/black, but with burnished, worn edges with just the slightest hint of dark bronze showing through. Just has a nice "been around and used" (no jokes, please) look to it. It's a matte finish, and I just thought it looked nice.

Here they are, from Home Depot. They sell them individually, but you can buy them in a slightly discounted 10-pack as well. I needed 12 pulls and six round knobs.

The fact that I found a can of Krylon that matched perfectly the Home Depot-purchased knobs and pulls was icing on the cake. I used that to spray the hinges and AC floor vents. But they all look like they came from the same carton. A nice "warm black" (if that makes sense).

Some close-up pics:

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