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2013-02-05, 22:27

Originally Posted by Bryson View Post
I think people just need to accept that Minecraft structures and resources aren't forever. They're just for as long as that "revision" of the world lasts.
True. I love to build big things, but it takes so much time gathering resources that by the time I'm half-way through a project the world gets yanked. It's a sad thing, but something that needs to be planned for.

On the other hand, what fun is it to build a bunch of small stuff just because the world will be burned down eventually?

I really like building community stuff like the trashcan-treefarm and such. I know others like to have their own in basements or whatever, but what I'd really like are actual community things that everyone uses.

The individual stuff is great and fun, but it's overlap, honestly. I'd like to see a new community building and farming together. That's kind've always been my dream, and probably why I've built all these community structures in every world we've been in.

I don't know why it's never stuck, honestly. I thought it would be the most logical thing ever - especially in MC - to have a small city of farming structures that we all used.

No biggie. I understand that people may need a shit-ton of one specific thing or a basement full of duckens for themselves (wtf?) , but to me it kind've defeats the purpose of playing a game with one another. Why hide farms underground? Let's put all that shit topside and let everyone and anyone take part.

So it goes.

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