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2013-02-09, 22:50

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
One other thing, now that I'm thinking about it: Obviously people are going to be scrambling for sand and redrock in the new world right off the bat. I'd like to suggest setting up mines at the very edge of the discovered biomes just in case someone wants to live in the same biome. I for one don't want to live next to a factory, so I would set up my house on the other farthest edge away from the strip-mines (if I decided a desert was my thing this time).

With the large biomes I think this is feasible, but I still wanted to put that out there before we all get all rapey. There's nothing uglier than a land stripped to stone, so I think we should all be on top of this.
Agreed. I think spreading out a bit may help alleviate some of those issues, too, but certainly agreed.