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2015-09-26, 11:30

Dellphi tuned me in to the recent Hermitcraft Ultra HardCore showdown and I just finished watching it today.

As with the Mindcrack UHC tournaments I like to watch at least one member of each team to understand how they got to the finals (or didn't make it there).

This UHC was especially interesting because of the 1.9 snapshot.

This means that they had to learn not to "spam click" when swinging swords - you have to build up enough power, not just click-click-click.

They can spawn villagers so that they can trade their arrows for various special arrow flavors like "weakening" and "poison" and "spectral".

Spectral arrows are cool, if you hit a person or mob with a spectral arrow you are presented with an outline of the struck person/mob, whether they are visible or behind a wall.

I don't like that they can strip mine, but so goes it.

Here's the list of players and their channels that was sent to me - a fun viewing for a rainy day!

Team Green

Team Yellow

Team Orange

Team Red

Team Purple

Team Blue

Team Aqua

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