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2015-09-26, 19:06

Nebris had an unlucky drop of that lava - but he was also slowed down riding chaperone to his teammates.

Still, good play by Vechs, scaredy-cat Sethbling was put to shame.

The series was sloooow and then it got good, fast.

LOVED where MC and JSano were caught between the other teams... and then MC's friendly-fire incident? LOLOLOLOL

I love that I now have TWO places to see UHC action; Mindcrack and Hermitcraft.

If you haven't watched the Hermitcraft UHC go watch it - it's pretty fun.

Bdubs is there, as are Doc and Ethos - so some "known" players.

Some of the other Hermitcraft players are pretty great, actually. A few were lazy and hadn't done their homework.

falsesymmetry is really good, and unlike aurey, her voice doesn't annoy me - she's hardcore and doesn't natter on incessantly - but some people enjoy chitter-chatter, and I don't want to be hating on Aurey... I just think that falsesymmetry is a more well-rounded Minecraft player at this point.



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