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2015-11-12, 19:10

Okay, first draft images for the 1.9 Bullet Rail To Nowhere!

Each tower has a 3x3 "platform" (for looks) with a block of redstone in the center (putting them here means they're hidden along the half-slab rail) and two blocks of glowstone (not to keep out the baddies, but to light it a bit). Above each redstone is a powered rail (my trials indicate a powered rail above each tower and 50 blocks apart is enough to keep the cart moving). Each tower has a 3x3 stone base.

When we encounter a tunnel (and I'm sure we will) we need to block it in some fashion to keep the baddies out. I'm thinking about a 3x3 square tunnel with 1 overhead glowstone every 10 blocks (I'm working on mocking this up.)

Short tower with polished andesite blocks

A tall tower with polished diorite blocks

A tall tower with polished granite blocks

Slightly different platform ( I like this look better)

Some night shots

3x3 Platform above each tower

Some longer views. The towers are at 50-block intervals

Looking down the rail

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