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The Ban Hammer
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2015-11-13, 21:46

So, let's go with stone brick towers, polished Andesite (the dark gray stuff) rail trusses, and stone half-slab rail guides.

Can everyone imagine that?

I'm not where my mockup is (work) and won't be 'til Monday, but I'll mock it up then.

I'll start mining for more Andesite. That will take some work.

Those of you who think you have enough iron to cover 20,000 rails, dive in!

We'll do the 2x glass over the tunnel entrances. As far as nope-out, I'm with Grey. Anyone who wants to "nope out" had best be thinking ahead, 'cause half-way is 5000+ from home, and that's a hike without the rail cars.

Height to be 97, 'cause that's right in the middle of Grey's brain.

T will be kind enough to cough up a crap-ton of iron and maybe some Andesite. We have a few weeks, so I'll get as much as I can. To be honest, I'm more worried about cooking the stuff than … wait a minute! No I'm not. I gots me a super-efficient oven with 52 simultaneous cooking capacity-lisciousness that needs testing out!

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