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2016-12-08, 10:57

Speaking of holdovers and strange occurrences, I was chasing zombie noises the other day while working on the SC, and heard a strange scratching sound behind me, so I chased it through solid stone, but could never locate it. I was below ground roughly twenty blocks, and got super close to the sound, but I could not find the source. It took me a while to figure out what the sound was, since I was well underground and nowhere near deep ocean, and didn't put it together due to my location. Alas, it's that electric-zapping noise the guardians make.

Problem is, there are no monuments nearby, and the only guardians I'm aware of that are out of their place are in the moat around Turtle's tower at Tall Town, and the two swimming in my basement pool. Both of those locations are a long distance from the guardian sounds I was hearing.

Unfortunately, I closed off the hole where I was working, but I might be able to find it, again, with a little trial and error. Near Ye Olderstein, there is the foundation of an unfinished house (white). I was working sort of below that location.

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