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2019-03-14, 21:54

I was going to revive the old thread where we talked about the free storage and perks of doing fun things to get more storage and such. Now it seems we are all going to be really pushed to pay for service from them.
Is there a limit to the number of devices I can link to my account?
Seems we are going to be limited to three devices. THREE.
Basic users have a three device limit as of March 2019.
Sitting at my desk right now I have 5 connected devices.
If you're a Basic user and you linked more than three devices prior to March 2019, all of your previously linked devices will remain linked, but you can’t link additional devices.
I would have to assume that if I replace my wife's aging iPad mini in the not too distant future that I'll end up not being able to link it. Generally speaking this isn't an issue though we use it for 1Password Vault sharing.

Time for me to figure out a way to leave Dropbox, or at least remove my dependency on them. I'm not willing to pay for it when I have plenty of other options that don't have an extra cost or that I'm already paying for, like 2TB of iCloud storage.

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