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2019-06-03, 23:10

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
It looks like I may have some free time this Wednesday and/or Thursday evening. I'll get a copy of WordPress installed, update the Nginx configs to route something to it, and get started picking out a decent themable skin then.

The WordPress users are going to be independent of forum users, though. I remember it being a challenge (although I did manage to pull it off) getting Mongo's user model to share auth with vBulletin. WordPress is famously modifiable, but because of the aforementioned security fears I have about vB, I'd rather not even introduce the possibility of cross-talk.
Yeah just find something nice-looking with 4 buttons on it. Let's not go too hog wild until we see if A) we can get some of these old-ass yahoos to write more than three complete words in a sort of sentence-like structure, and B) we see if that attracts enough attention to warrant a bunch of gloss. Not that you should draw up a turd, mind you, just don't kill yourself over it.

Once an article is posted, we could stick the comments thread to the top of its relevant forum and link straight to it from the article. Easy-breezy!

Also, for now I would suggest that the domain continue to point directly to the forums. Stuff the new front page into the background somewhere and just post a link to it in here (or perhaps we'll start a brand new thread down in the bowels of the Feedback forum). Create a poll, toss in some article ideas, collect some old people to write 1000 words or so on some [useful] topic, and see if the glue holds.

Also, would it do us any good to purge the membership list? I can think of a couple categories that should go:

- All of the banned users
- Any user with less than X posts who has not posted in the last 5 years.

Looking through the list, that's a lot! Not sure what that costs us in overhead or if it's worth the effort. But, you give me a tool, and I'll drop a nuke in there!

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