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Mr. Katan
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2021-02-16, 14:14

Yeah, I can't wrap my head around the folding screen. All we've ever known is "this thing should NEVER flex or be anything but perfectly straight and fact, it's usually a controversy, or a repair program, when it isn't!"

And now, to imagine it folding like a wallet just blows my mind. Will there be a visible crease/seam? Or will that be "built in", to where a screen will be on two separate planes with the in-between gap designed around? But all the talk says "folding screen", so that means the screen itself is bending/folding.

All that is way beyond my feeble grasp.

Apple being Apple, they'll pull it off. But it'll be pricey, and that first generation will be a dice-roll to end all dice-rolls. I wouldn't buy one if you put a bazooka to my neck. That's a little too Rev. A for me.

I'd be completely thrilled with a third-generation, full-face iPhone SE at some point. And I'm sure it's coming. Some day. I'm guessing they'd love to have all their iPhones with a full-face, no button/chin/forehead design. "de-Cadillac" the 12 mini design (remove a camera, ditch the OLED, downgrade a few display/camera-related specs as needed, tweak the materials/construction, etc.) and there's your $399 third-gen SE.

I don't know what's coming this fall...the rumors are all over the place the past few months.