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2019-11-18, 18:04

I don't think they're going to show it any more than, "hey, this thing is shipping now."

Originally Posted by pscates2.0 View Post
but you know it's going to be the official rollout of the Mac That Nobody Can Afford (and the monitor stand that costs Your Soulâ„¢).
I know it's not the display for "the rest of us", but find one cheaper. Go ahead, I dare you! Of those, the closest in price is more than twice the money, and only 17"!! Don't get me wrong, I would love to have a replacement for the LED Cinema Display and Thunderbolt Display, as would a number of our customers. I hate that Apple is not in that market any longer, but the Pro Display XDR is cheap compared to its competitors. That Apple doesn't offer a cheaper, more consumer-focused option does not take away from that.

Also, we have a client who will find the new Mac Pro an invaluable tool. Precisely the type of workload these types of systems are designed for. I can't afford one, and you can't afford one, but he can. I would have preferred a $2000 Mac Pro, but what Apple built is actually cheap, again when compared to its actual competitors.

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