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Brave Ulysses
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2019-11-10, 00:12

Tried them at the Apple store. The ear fit test failed for all three inserts for me. Despite the poor fit, the sound and isolation was good but the sound quality was not $250 in my opinion. I also found the new pressure touch buttons to be a terrible experience. I wish they would add a simple way to raise and lower volume and start and stop music that is easy to do while running as well.

My primary hesitation in buying them is their lifespan. My AirPods are basically useless now because their batteries are dead. We are in a weird stage of consumerism right now where everyone is pushing subscriptions but for some reason consumers are not picking up on the fact that nearly everything is a subscription. These AirPods are no different. At $250 we are basically paying $125/year for them as they won’t last more than 2 years.