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2005-08-12, 21:25

Hey All Happy birthday to Sam and Carol, fellow Leo's (yeah, we are the best arn't we?)

Thank you for all the 'happy birthdays', I'm honored, I think its my first year getting happy birthdayed on applenova.

Originally Posted by thegelding

i think it is likely that xionja will be breaking pottery

I can't believe you guys remember that!, I'm touched. haha, I'm actually off to hang out with the oaf who jumped off my porch and broke that. I didn't remember it was my birthday at all this morning, I was in Hanover visiting Dartmouth, and all though catching breakfast at the hotel, driving to campus and visiting a class, I totally didn't know it was my birthday .

I only got into town this evening, so now it is time to get to pottery breaking, car racing and gun shooting, good birthday activities. (Good activities after getting out of Hanover, the only college campus where I didn't see any student driving around bumping loud gangsta rap. no weirdo's or fuck ups, so I have to make up for it)

And now, since most of you guys go by your names, or they are known, perhaps I'll start signing off by my name,