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2016-05-14, 07:39

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Buy how did you tame it?
That was a bit weird to figure out. They don't 'tame' like the other horses, or even roughly steer when you mount them. If you saddle them they become rideable. Also, you can't attach a lead to them.

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That is pretty wild. So does the trap look like a skeleton or how do you know it's a trap and not just a horse? Now I'm going to have to go stand in the rain for a while...
This one was a skellie horse, but the wiki says they can be any type of horse. Luckily I was watching for lightning strikes and saw this one spawn. What a relief it was.

I read somewhere that it's more likely they happen in plains and savanna areas, so I was camped out on a dirt tower (around 1600/1600-ish, I think) for what seemed like forever. There's a little savanna village in the SE that I linked up to the Nether system to get over there.

So it goes.