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Read the thesis, the dude knows what he's doing!!
From the Popular Mechanics article I linked...

• Buzz Aldrin, lunar module pilot, Apollo 11: As I got down on the floor to sleep [the night before], I could see the broken head of a circuit breaker. It was the engine-arm circuit breaker—the one that’s got to be in to get electricity to turn the ascent engine on. Since it was on my side, obviously I would have to take the blame for my backpack knocking against things clumsily and breaking it off.

• Hal Loden, lunar module control officer (CONTROL), Black Team, Mission Control: That circuit breaker allowed the lunar guidance system to start the engine automatically—but there was another way to start the engine. We had redundancy. They would have had to hit a pushbutton manually at T minus zero.

• Aldrin: It looked as though there was enough left to push [the breaker] in. When the time came, I just said I was going to push it in with a pen.