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Good article and video (I had read it - mine was just tongue in cheek).
Thanks for the topic!

I was nine years old when "the Eagle" landed. I watched the mission on television down the shore the whole time, it was hard for my dad to get me to the beach sometimes. That evening of the landing was also unforgettable for my stupidity. After dinner I would go down onto the beach and take a walk. For some reason I walked a little farther than I should have.

Behind me I heard a rumble of thunder, I turned around and saw that a huge thunderstorm was heading towards shore and I had about 8 blocks to reach home before it hit. But it was too late.

I started running in the rain, lightning and wind and noticed a raft rental shack was nearby so I went over to it and it was unlocked. I went inside and "rode" the storm. For thirty minutes or more it raged, then finally subsided. When I left the shack it was already dark. I knew I was in trouble, but I didn't want to miss the Moon walk, so I tore home.

Boy, my parents were angry, but they wouldn't punish me that evening. They didn't want to make me miss history...

Oh, and let's not forget Command Module Pilot Michael Collins, the man who drove the getaway vehicle.

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