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2021-10-06, 09:40

Only Bridgeport iirc, none of the other worlds. I boosted it up to 1.14 a while ago, maybe if I get some time soon I'll give a crack at getting it up to 1.17.

In other world upgrading news, mojang has said that when upgrading previous worlds to 1.18 (and the new world depth) they will just turn all bedrock from layers 0 to 4 into stone, and fill in world seed generation below that from -1 to -64. Easy enough I guess.

Also, Overworld seeds will generate completely different worlds in 1.18 compared to 1.17 and earlier, so maybe we keep our world seed? Could prevent the nether from getting the Cliffs of Jeb when we upgrade. 🤔

So it goes.