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Mr Ten
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2008-03-29, 16:22

[1] I work as a contractor for different companies and sometimes they want me to use their email address. Rather than use IMAP on their server, I'd prefer to have my own mail server at home that downloads all items via POP, then I can sort in folders and store all items to any level of storage locally. Is this doable?

[2] The concept of using MS Exchange to easily sync all devices and contacts, access messages, folders, sent, received, etc... seems desirable, so can I do this easily on a mac as well? Mac OS X server?

I have a a dual 2.0ghz mac g5 w/4.5gb ram and was thinking of eventually getting a new mac pro tower and using this tower I have now as a mail server. How would you guys recommend

I don't want to use .mac if I don't have to. I would rather set up my own hardware. Thanks in advance for all hints and tips in moving forward. I've seen some threads here and there, I just have a couple requests in this post that I'm curious about, seeing if I can pull such off, hopefully in an all-mac environment as well.

Thanks again.