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2010-02-08, 12:56

Toyota have always made fantastic cars. I've had many. Most of them pretty old and totally reliable super fast sports cars. I certainly wouldn't buy cars of that age or performance from any other manufacturer, except perhaps Mazda.

I think it's very clear that this "problem" plays well to the US and UK media with their car industries in absolute disarray at the moment. It was almost embarrassing how quickly and how violently the media picked up on this, particularly CNN. How about giving them 24 hours to find the problem rather than expecting an instant fix!?!?

They are fixing the problem. They are not going bust, and given that they gave feedback and announced a public plan within a day or so of this breaking I think they should be applauded. Oh, that any US or UK manufacturer could / or would deal with an issue like this so quickly or so honestly.

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