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2010-02-08, 22:58

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Or they did press the brakes, but the software ignored that.

If a car is speeding out of control, the average driver's first instinct is going to be to slam on the brakes. I don't think "Maybe they just forgot to press the brakes?" is a valid line of inquiry.
Well according to Toyota, this isn't a matter of software ignoring the brakes. It is a matter of a physical piece getting stuck. The brakes can stop a car even with all 268 HP trying to move the Camry. The brakes can stop a 550 HP GT500 going at WOT. Drivers especially in a panic are not the brightest people out there. They probably go into Pre-ABS day thinking and pump the brakes( which prevented lock up) which don't do anything to stop the car. Or they ignored tell tale signs of needing their pads replaced and the pads were worn out when they tried to stop...... If all else fails, turn the car off. You will lose the power assistance, but you can still maintain control and brake and the engine is off.


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