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2021-02-13, 23:45

I got my tags in today. I'm like a kid in a candy store right now. It is amazing the things you can have them do. Basically, if you have a Shortcut in the app then you can make an NFC tag trigger it.

The best I've done so far is with one of my Minecraft Earth minis that triggers some lights to turn on. Basically the NFC chip in the mini fig is readable for Shortcuts and I have it initiate a Scene in

However, you can don some really ornate and intricate things with this as well with scripting and such within Shortcuts. Apparently you can even add IFTTT to the mix and go super extreme. Right now I'm using it to turn lights on with my phone (via tap) and log my water intake.

I'm going to do more... but this is essentially the "Hello World" of NFC tags for me. Totally worth the $14 for the pack of tags from Amazon.

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