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2011-06-07, 20:42

I've been doing a bit of land sculpting over at Barfing Skull Falls to join it to my warren of caverns and cover over any entrances with some natural landscaping. I was EXCITED to accidentally throw some bonemeal on the ground and see grass and flowers pop up!!! I was LESS THAN EXCITED to discover that you can no longer put torches on top of trees. What the heck??

Finally, I was excited to see a sheep standing on top of the Barfing Skull itself. I took a screenshot of it, which is good, because, despite a recent skull shaping session with glowstone, there is a one block square on top of the skull which is filled with lava.... and the sheep stepped on top of it and burned to a crisp in no time at all.... here's that last shot of old Ned right before he caught fire....


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