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Originally Posted by Messiahtosh View Post
The credit is held in the amount that will be charged. I am not on the hook for the bill until the item ships, but the credit is reserved. That's how my card works...if it is swiped or charged online, the credit is reserved. For example, if I had a $1,000 limit and charged $100 to the card for a product that won't ship for weeks, the card's new credit limit would drop to $900. I would not owe even a minimum payment on that $100 purchase until it was finally charged, but the credit available on the card would be reduced.
Did you actually check to see if your credit limit is lower? Whenever I've had holds at places like hotels or car rentals they show up online. I'm sure Apple would do it if it was a debit card but I've never noticed them doing it on credit cards. I could be wrong of course.

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
Whenever I pump gas, as soon as I swipe my card a $100 hold is generated in [state] to insure that there are funds available for the merchant to collect for the product I am dumping into my car. This is done even if I only pump $1 worth of gas. Basically, it's a "good faith credit guarantee in the amount of x".
That's a rather large hold. Here in NJ I am not allowed to pump my own gas so there is never a hold but whenever I am out of state the holds are usually for $1.00. By the way, it's always easy to pick out the people from Jersey (and I assume Oregon) at these places. They are the ones looking dumbfounded and taking forever to fuel up!