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2015-04-18, 12:45

Originally Posted by addison View Post
Did you actually check to see if your credit limit is lower? Whenever I've had holds at places like hotels or car rentals they show up online. I'm sure Apple would do it if it was a debit card but I've never noticed them doing it on credit cards. I could be wrong of course.

That's a rather large hold. Here in NJ I am not allowed to pump my own gas so there is never a hold but whenever I am out of state the holds are usually for $1.00. By the way, it's always easy to pick out the people from Jersey (and I assume Oregon) at these places. They are the ones looking dumbfounded and taking forever to fuel up!
IME the stations that have more travelers than locals are the ones with the large holds. I've rarely seen $100 holds but only at stations in the middle of nowhere. $50 seems common on the interstates out west but all the in-town stations, which are mostly just serving locals, only do a $1.00 hold to make sure the card is valid.

The worst hold I've had was when I rented a car while 22. Avis insisted on a $1000 hold. Fortunately I was on a corporate card so I didn't have a limit but I thought that was a little absurd, especially considering a) that would hardly cover the cost of a replacement car and b) we had a company insurance policy.