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2015-04-21, 12:27

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Speaking of case sizes, I've changed my position. The vast majority of people should be buying the 42mm models. It's better proportioned and works better with the more luxurious band options. Wrist size doesn't really matter at all here.
I tried both. Better proportioned, I'll give you—they're both equally thick, so the larger model looks a bit more slender when suspended in Jony Ive's white world and magnified a thousand times. The biggest accomplishment with the Apple Watch is that the sizes aren't small and large for a smartwatch, they're just small and large by watch standards (helped a bit of course by the current trend toward larger and larger watch faces in general). Neither looked as bulky as I feared them to be.

That said, I'm still glad I ordered the 38mm. It's not so much that I have tiny girly wrists (although I do) but because of two things: weight and band choice. I'm used to wearing a watch, but my non-dressy daily wear watches are much lighter than the Apple Watch—neither size is heavy enough to be fatiguing or anything but I was a little worried that the weight would be annoying, so I wanted to go with the lighter of the two options. (I actually considered buying a Sport instead, but that case...) Second, the modern buckle is my favorite of the three leather bands by far; the leather loop feels hard and the classic buckle "references traditional watch vocabulary" to the point of boringness.

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