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Banging the Bottom End
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2020-07-13, 06:37

The house I’m living in was torn down to the studs in 2008 and rebuilt over 2 years, finishing in 2010 with about 2 weeks to spare on the construction loan. Took 23 dumpsters to remove the old house (roughly $25K in dumpster rental and tipping fees alone).

One needs to be careful about scope creep. We received a formica level construction loan but decided on granite, so we ended up with about $75K of the house on credit cards on top of the construction loan. This amount includes the previously mentioned dumpster fees, as that wasn’t covered by the loan. Another $17K was a dual fuel hybrid heat-pump driven HVAC system that wasn’t part of the initial design.

Probably the best thing was that the house was built by almost-retired craftsmen. The 3 main workers were in the 65-75 range and had been working their craft their entire life.