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2020-07-29, 11:17

Everyone wants to be the only one who can do a job. That is never the case. And many consumers (myself included) are happy to YouTube the hell out of something before we decide whether or not it's worth doing ourselves.

So far, I hire out windows* and HV/AC, and I'm pretty well done hiring out windows. The point: There is almost nothing that a determined do-it-yerselfer can't sort out. Although the next time I do kitchen counters it will be corian, and I'm pretty sure I want that done by a pro, considering I have two corners and a sink to deal with.

* The only reason: The first house I remodeled had old metal windows embedded into the siding (which was not being replaced) and the second was a 100 year-old cinder block house with original windows that were molded into the block!

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