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2020-09-22, 11:10

I thought of starting a new thread, but I'll lump it in here because it's become part of my reno... I have a 25-30ft tall Black Walnut tree in our yard that has to come down. Last year I trimmed of some dead limbs from the crown, and the remainder got leaves, but a bough dropped and nearly took out a fence. It didn't break cleanly and so is hanging there.

There are two other large boughs that are a risk of doing the same. The trunk itself is about 10 ft high and 18" diameter. It might just be large enough to get some useful planks out of it, but of course I've never dried out wood. It might be interesting to take it down and try to dry it, as well as two or three of the larger boughs, for future woodworking projects...

I wonder if I can simply cut it,strip the bark, and seal the ends, maybe soak it with insecticides/fungicides too, then leave it in the yard on some blocks for a year or two to dry out before attempting to rough saw it? A chainsaw based mill is pretty easy to construct.