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2020-09-22, 12:11

Leave the bark on, seal the ends and any cracks, and lay it horizontal until you can afford to have it slabbed.

And, yes, there should be some good wood in there. It is quite valuable, and you may even consider selling it to a local wood joint. Don't cut it down until you make that decision. 8/4 slabs with live edges are worth a ton of money, especially if they are low on sapwood (the creamy-colored stuff), but even then the right pattern could be wood-gold.

Limbs greater than 6" may also have some value, if they are good and straight for a minimum 4 feet. Anything smaller than that is firewood (or good project wood).

P.S. Unless you have a small mill or experience slabbing wood, the risk of ruining the stuff is too high to tackle yourself, and like I said, it may be worth a small chunk of change.

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