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2016-11-07, 22:19

Originally Posted by Brad View Post
Didn't somebody bring up the idea of another BattleNova/UHC/Minecraftapalooza recently? I would totally be game if we can find a proper time along a weekend. I figure with "the kids" back in school now (right?) maybe timing would be good soonish? How are everyone's schedules generally looking these days?
So, like, crap. I totally got swamped with other things throughout October and dropped the ball on this. Mea culpa.

Let's smash the cosmic reset button and try this once again, shall we? How does everyone's schedules look for the weekend of Nov 18-20? For anyone who would like to participate, which of these slots works best? Do any of these specifically *not* work for you?

Evening hours EST, Friday Nov 18th
Afternoon hours EST, Saturday Nov 19th
Evening hours EST, Saturday Nov 19th
Afternoon hours EST, Sunday Nov 20th

If we don't have a strong consensus for the weekend of 18-20, maybe let's consider the next weekend (Thanksgiving weekend in the US).

Yes? Yes.

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