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2020-03-24, 23:48

Originally Posted by Yontsey View Post
I've been working outside everyday traveling as an essential supply chain small business owner. It's like a ghost town in the greater Cleveland area, but I feel safe and confident in the situation. We all don't have the luxury for working from home. There's been a lot of people shaming people like myself and other small businesses for staying open and operating and quite frankly I say fuck you. My FICA payments aren't being dismissed. My sales tax payments aren't being postponed. My vendors are still expecting payments. Luckily I've put money away and paid for my home in cash and been smart with my money, but for god sakes do not shame people for working. For some people it's the only way we have to live.
I cannot say I've seen anyone shaming people who work in supply provision, in fact most have been really thankful to people who keep goods moving in these tough times. Most of the shaming here has been again office type companies that refuse to let people work from home, or stores don't provide a safe environment for customers and staff.

As an independent contractor I for one am still working away from home, don't have much choice, since I have to go to clients properties to do the work. I try to keep clients safe by wearing gloves, maintaining a safe distance and washing my hands whenever possible. No complaints from anyone so far.