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2020-03-25, 05:05

Been busy the last few days as we are an hour away from a four week lockdown in Hobbiton.

I am lucky enough to own a business with ten staff, and we were on the cusp of being deemed essential so we could stay open and trade. If this was the case then I would have made a small fortune over the lock down period. However being a retail environment the staff could be exposed and we all know where this could lead - I have three staff over 55 and another with a medical condition.

The reality is that we have have been forced to closed and I get to catch up on paperwork for four weeks while taking a massive hit financially. This obviously blows chunks, but I am not sure how I would react if we had stayed open and one of my staff was seriously impacted by this virus. Sort of relieved the decision was taken out of my hands truth be told.

My personal thoughts is this is far from over and it scares me that it is not being taken seriously by some people.

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