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2020-03-25, 06:58

Originally Posted by kscherer View Post
I'm not sold on the hysteria.

Here is a good site charting the virus's path.

Here is an article documenting influenza cases just in the U.S. for 2018/2019.

According to the coronavirus charts, it appears to be plateauing. Granted, other nations have yet to feel the "full" effects, but that does not take away from current facts. China has born the brunt and, naturally, it has spread elsewhere but with thus far less damaging effects. Could China's severe air pollution be a mitigating factor in the high number of deaths? This virus seems to be targeting folks who are more susceptible to lung issues. Is out of control pollution helping the disease spread amongst people who have been exposed to such foul air? And yes, that is a real and very serious question. (Maps tend to indicate that the majority of deaths in China have occured in very densely populated and severely polluted regions.)

The second article (from the Weather Channel) demonstrates that in 2018, ~80,000 Americans died from the flu, while ~15 million were infected with it, and by February 9 of 2019, at least 12,000 had died in just over 1 month! In other words, last year—in January alone—6 times as many people died from the flu just in the United States than the combined total of worldwide cornovirus deaths over that same period.

Here is the CDC's website on 2019/2020 figures over just the past 4 1/2 months. Read that chart carefully! Estimates range from 16,000 to 41,000 dead people from flu just in the United States! In 4 months! That's over 10,000 dead per month! While cornovirus was killing 3,000 people and getting world headlines, the flu killed 10,000 without any more mention than a website no one is bothering to cite!


Because flu is not scary enough!

Where is the hysteria?

Thus far, cornovirus isn't just small potatoes, it's tiny potatoes. A fly-fart in a world of gassy elephants.
None of your posts have aged very well.... just 4 weeks later.

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