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2020-03-25, 14:43

A little bit of information from the Italian National Institute of Health regarding a study of 3200 patients who have died in Italy:

L’età media dei pazienti deceduti e positivi a COVID-19 è 78,5 anni

"The average age of deceased and COVID-19 positive patients is 78.5 years"
Of note, within the confines of this report, more people have died over the age of 90 than under the age of 60, and almost all of the deceased had some form of pre-existing condition.

This bit is also interesting:

Ad oggi (20 marzo) sono 36 dei 3200 (1.1%) pazienti deceduti COVID-19 positivi di età inferiore ai 50 anni. In particolare, 9 di questi avevano meno di 40 ed erano 8 persone di sesso maschile ed 1 di sesso femminile con età compresa tra i 31 ed i 39 anni. Di 2 pazienti di età inferiore ai 40 anni non sono disponibili informazioni cliniche, gli altri 7 presentavano gravi patologie pre-esistenti (patologie cardiovascolari, renali, psichiatriche, diabete, obesità).

"To date (20 March), 36 of the 3200 (1.1%) COVID-19 positive patients under the age of 50 have died. In particular, 9 of these were less than 40 and were 8 male and 1 female with the ages between 31 and 39 years. Of 2 patients under the age of 40 years, no clinical information is available, the other 7 had serious pre-existing pathologies (cardiovascular, renal, psychiatric pathologies, diabetes, obesity)."
The information for Italy seems to be clear: COVID-19 is only deadly if you are both old and already sick. Remember, this is just information for Italy, not the world.

Edit: And as of 1:30 this afternoon, the governor of Idaho has just issued a state-wide stay at home order. Well, I'll take advantage of the forced time off and get some yard work done.

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