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2021-09-15, 14:12

Originally Posted by Ryan View Post
I just put together a great sound system so I've been working back through some classic albums. Might have to do The Joshua Tree tonight.
It came out at an interesting, exciting time in my life with someone in the mix that meant the world to me and vice versa and blah, blah, blah. We'd sometime joke that it was our "soundtrack" and whatever. Sap that I am, I guess hearing all those songs again was quite an unexpected time machine. I just kinda let it wash over me for the evening and took the ride, bittersweet as it was. Nice to do, sometimes. It's one of those albums, to me, where all the singles/"hits" weren't even the best songs.

Originally Posted by 709 View Post
Dang it. We'll have to keep an eye on Radiohead to see if they can break U2's streak eventually, because that's all I got at this point.
Haha...yeah, it's tough, isn't it? I thought "I'll find 5-6, not even trying". Haven't found one yet! Lots of close ones, but it's really a tall order: same lineup since first album, no departures/returns, no fill-ins/substitutes (for anything other than a brief medical or personal issue...a few concert dates or whatever; I'm talking less than a week ). I'm gonna have to start delving into bands I'm not very familiar with (but have at least heard of) because I believe I've thought of every major, known mainstream act from that era/decade (contemporaries/peers of U2, coming up in the very early 80's, first album in that 1980-1982 timeframe, among that first cluster of acts shown on MTV, etc.).

Can't believe MTV hasn't given them some sort of trophy/lifetime achievement thing at one of their lame-ass award shows for this very feat. "You guys were there at the beginning, and you're still here...fully intact, alive, sane and still relevant. Congratulations! And as soon as Cardi B stops fighting with half the audience and puts her Glock away, she'll present you with the trophy."

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