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2022-03-31, 11:10

Hmmm. Odd they'd come off that iconic May 25, but, in the end...who cares? It's just an air date, right?

I think I mentioned this upthread, but the thing that annoys me with these Disney+ SW shows is that they're still treated/presented as traditional network fare...doled out once a week. There's no "scheduling" or time-slot concerns with streaming content (any platform) the way networks have to consider. These things could/should just be released, in their entirety, all at once. The "wait" generated by the current approach is just artificial, IMO. Meant to stir up interest, but I think most folks are past all that and just want to watch stuff truly "on demand" if they're going through these particular services. I remember that was one of the nice things about that first season of Stranger Things that I watched...all episodes were available at once, and the viewer can choose to view them however they a week, two in a row, a daylong weekend binge, etc. I sat and watched the entire season starting on a Friday night, up until about 1am, and then finished it out the next day, off and on, as the mood/timing hit. But, by midnight Saturday, I'd seen the entire first season.

"Cool...I enjoyed it, I'm done with it. Okay, move on...".

Rainy Saturdays are made for this kind of fare, for those who want to hunker down and watch 6+ hours of something because there's nothing else to do (due to the weather, illness, time off, etc.).

Producing a modern streaming series with 6-8 episodes, but ladling them out once a week like it's Family Ties or Hill Street Blues just seems odd, and missing the point. Like buying an iPod with a cassette tape rewind/FF function. Why hang on to those vestiges of traditional show-airing when it isn't necessary? To my knowledge, all the episodes of The Mandalorian and other SW fare are "in the can" at the airing of the very first episode. They're not still in production/post-production, as is often the case with 26-episode network sitcoms or dramas. They could easily make them all available, same day.

I hope that's something they change in the future. Don't make this silly stuff demand 6-8 weeks of my life when I could - should I choose/prefer - bang it all out on a rainy, dreary weekend, at my leisure. It's actually less satisfying, and more annoying, the once-a-week release. And that'll be the main reason I drift from this stuff at some point. It's not network/cable TV...there's no reason to drag any of these shows out for two months, one episode a week. That's just being old-fashioned to be old-fashioned.

If they can release two episodes of Obi-Wan Kenobi on the 27th, then they can do all six (I think that's the episode count?), and I've have them all watched by midnight Saturday, I'm betting. I'm 95% sure, come May 27, the entire series will be complete and ready for air (they may still be getting some final tweaks now, I realize, but that won't be the case in two months).

That's my only real gripe with streaming content, those outlets/projects that adhere to the staggered, once-a-week release like traditional TV. Just seems a little fake and unnecessary.

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