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Mr. Farmiga
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2022-04-29, 22:46

About to admit something that maybe I shouldn't (because it paints me as quite oblivious/stupid). But I'm among friends, so... And, in a way, I suppose it belongs in this thread as much as any other, because it's about a song, etc.

Believe it or not...I didn't know, until yesterday (Thursday, April 28) that the Edmund Fitzgerald was a real ship/sinking.

My whole life, I just knew it as that haunting, sad Gordon Lightfoot song. I saw something online yesterday and started reading and my heart sank. I was like "holy smokes...".

I feel so stupid/out-of-touch.

I'm like Johnny Trivia and Mr. 20th Century Pop Culture/News Events/American did I not know this?!?

Lake Superior, 29 dead, stormy winds, nobody's 100% sure what actually happened, etc. Just like the song.

It sits at the bottom of Superior, about 500 feet down, in two pieces and all 29 of the crew with her.

The song always made me a little gloomy/sad, but I listened to it last night, now aware of the real story, and it broke my heart.

I don't miss much, but good grief...when I do...

Now I'll listen to it in a completely different way. How could I not?!

PS - And I learned how to play it, of course. It's pretty much just four chords, capo-ed on the second fret, and they repeat through the whole song (minus those little instrumental breaks). I've strummed it all day today (but I'll never remember all those lyrics).

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