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2022-05-04, 11:09

Great trailer. These remind me more of the direction The Mandalorian trailers went. It's clear that Disney is taking a very dark direction, where Obi Wan is pulling out all the stops to protect Luke while simultaneously "running for his life".

I suspect a lot of that off world stuff may well be the Inquisitors hunting Obi Wan, or maybe even other Jedi/old acquaintances (like that big dude Obi Wan got information from in Ep II). Just tracking him in general.

But, it also seems clear that Obi Wan is lurking in the shadows of some off-world basement, so he is clearly being lured/chasing around for some reason. Perhaps he believes the best defense is a solid offense? So he becomes the hunter?

Did I say this was a great trailer?

And since we're on the topic (and this is a Mac users forum), I'll go ahead and drop this in here. It seems to fit.

Edit: And holycowcrap that Central Machine Room! To think that our beloved Obi Wan is getting his lightsaber worked over in there, right next to Dark Helmet!

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