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2004-07-24, 16:27

Yep. Both my sister and my parents and my fianeť's parents use Windows and it never fails. Something goes haywire during their normal, timid usage, and the "support" people they call end up denying there is anything wrong / saying they can't help - which pisses them off no end - then they call me, as if I'm some sort of computer savior.

And the funniest and most maddening part is, when I tell them things like "Hmm, sounds like it could be a problem with ____, but I'm really not sure what to tell you." They think I'm DODGING THEM. Like I know the answer but just don't want to help.

It's as if, because I never have problems with my Mac and have spent time as a consultant installing Mac hardware and software for all sorts of people, then I MUST ALSO know lot's and lot's about solving every bass-akwards Windows problem that crops up on their systems.


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