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2019-06-07, 23:08

Originally Posted by PB PM View Post
6-core HT i5 @ 3.0 GHz+ < No SKU from Intel matches this, there are no desktop i5s with Hyper-threading (7/8/9th gen). You'd have to go for a 8th gen i7 to get this (i7 8700), 9th Gen i7s no longer have HT, only i9s.
16GB RAM < Agreed, but this is Apple, it would ship with 8GB.
512GB storage on one 1.5GB/s module < Why so slow? Cheap NVMe drives are in the 2500MB/s write range.
Radeon Pro Vega 20 < Why a mobile GPU? This is a desktop, put in a bog standard Vega Radeon VII (has 16GB HBM2). Even better if they waited a few months for the next gen Navi AMD chips based on the 7nm process.
4 USB 3.0 ports < At the very least these should be USB 3.1 Gen 2
2 TB3 ports < Why just 2? Just do what they did with the Mac Mini, that has 4 type C ports. 8 ports (4 type A and 4 Type C would be great).
Gigabit Ethernet < I should hope so. That along with WIFI 6 would make it awesome.

1) Not everyone needs processor speed. Some folks are just looking for a good file server. So a 6-core i5 with no hyper-threading is still viable as a base system. Edit: Ah, screw it. Let's demand a 6-core i7 at the base!

2) No, Apple would not (The iMac Pro and 2019 Mac Pro both start at 32GB). Not a Mac Pro tower at this time. Like the 15" MB Pro, it would have 16GB. Or, at the very least, the machine we are asking for would!

3) Good point. I've changed the base system to 512GB on two striped 1.5 GB/s modules (the iMac Pro uses this tech)

4) OK. I'll admit I don't follow the details that closely. We'll change it to just "Radeon Pro Vega" and hope for the best.

5) Sure

6) Sure

7) Sure (but WiFi 6? Let's wait and see on that one)

PB PM, you have good insight into this stuff and I appreciate your comments. Remember, we're looking for an actual, feasible mid-range Mac tower, not a do-it-yourself PC. We want to come up with something that Apple could [would] build and be bale to sell for $2500. Appleā€”not Alienware or Fugigugiwhatsamahugi.

And, can I add your name to the petition? If so, please read the instructions and follow.

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