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The Ban Hammer
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2020-10-14, 11:06

Very well told story, Kick.

I believe you. Not because it's a well told story, but because, well, I believe you.

Growing up, we raised a bobcat … indoors! Little kitty was, well, a "little" kitty—until she wasn't. She was tame, but had those wildcat instincts that would go off, and you just had to back away and leave her the hell alone for a little while … and then she would come sit on your lap and purr like a freaking lawn mower!

Full grown she was a healthy 40 pounds and a mother to deal with if she got herself wound up. No way I would tangle with that cat in full-on, pissed-off mode—and she was declawed!

A cougar?

Hell NO!

Especially in the wild.

Dude in that video knew he was dead. He didn't just feel it, he knew it. Fortunately, he did what he was supposed to do and came away with all his fingers. Almost every other person on this earth, in the same situation, would be dead or mangled beyond recognition. So, I hike with my pow-pow. Because no matter how cool I think I am, wild animals can straight up kick my ass!

Were it me, that cat would have got one warning shot. **ONE!**

And then it would have been a sad day.

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