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2020-10-16, 11:30

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What is getting me right now is that I need a mini but need it to be Intel. Given the current model is likely to be replaced with ARM, I feel like I need to move on buying it now. ...but what if they have an Intel and an ARM. Or just a better Intel.
Yikes, that’s tough. Odds for the Intel mini getting a final refresh seem vanishingly small, don’t you think? Maybe a refurbed or used model would be an option, just to avoid paying full price.

Consider that once the ARM version is released the price of Intel minis might actually go up. This happened to the 2012 quad-core mini when Apple discontinued it and went dual-core only for a while.

Good luck!

Originally Posted by Frank777 View Post
Ah, I miscalculated. The Return of the Cube with an ATV's footprint.

So even if it's 4 inches high the total volume is smaller than the current model. Sorry, missed that.
Yes, that’s what I was thinking. A tiny cuboid Mac would be beautiful IMO. Use metal instead of the aTV’s plastic and you’d have a thick heatsink built-in. If these new ARM Macs are truly efficient we could see the first fanless Mac desktop since... the G4 Cube.