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2015-11-05, 01:47

I had no idea MT was Monument Tower. In the Navy we wrote "MT" on things that were empty. Em-tee. Since your office tower has nothing inside I just figured that's what it was. How funny.

I'm sorry you guys have died or almost died at the Monument. I did provide sand and ladders for you at the entrance.

The 2.0 thing I'm thinking we don't wipe ever again if we can help it. Instead we just designate a new area as spawn and work out of there. This is the last world that we are likely to see some of the major works we've done over the years since there is no craftbukkit to work with mods. If the day comes when we can copy and paste again, then I'm cool with wiping.

I do like the idea of "general" guidelines for a town but I will not have another meltdown that happened TerraNova where laws created more animosity than helped. I'm totally with moving mining operations away from the towns though. It also makes wiping those areas of the maps easier and allow for chance regeneration with the new minerals and such for updated game code.

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