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Mr. Farmiga
Join Date: May 2004
2006-04-10, 11:47

You know what I'm really surprised about?

Here we are, just over two months away from "Superman Returns" (no doubt one of the biggies this summer), and there's NOTHING for it, other than a really skimpy, lame website and a teaser trailer that seems like it's about 4-6 months old.

I fully expected - by this point - to be surrounded by red, yellow and blue...and big red "S" icons everywhere you looked.


Maybe it'll all kick in starting in May? The movie opens June 30.

Goodness knows other summer movies (this summer and previous years) have really gone to town on the hype and marketing much further out than this.

But don't worry...six weeks from now I'll start a thread where I'll bitch about the omnipresent "S" logos all over the place, and the general over-the-top Superman hype and hysteria, "before the movie is even released, people.!".