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2016-11-17, 09:04

I love how you always tell other people what they should want or need. It's getting old, and just plain annoying.

If fully intend to get a desktop PC. Apple won't sell a computed I'd buy anymore. Still as a long term Mac user that makes me disappointed. Is that so wrong? And I'd hardly call over 30% improvement over the last 3 years, minor speed bumps. Heck people used to get excited about a 10-15% jump and call it a major innovation. Guess what, they are still doing that, you've just become jaded.

As for cars, sure automation has its place, but to say it's going to save the world is BS. It might save good drivers from crappy ones, but it opens up a new can of worms and makes it possible for hackers to completely gridlock all traffic. No thanks, you can have your hack-able death trap.

TV, don't get cable, just Netflix and a few ad overhead services. Don't watch much sports, game of crap or whatever else you are talking about. Don't care.

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