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2013-09-11, 15:31

This may be slightly OT, but when Samsung introduces a product like the Gear that, by most accounts, sucks, they're fine and it's just a blip on the radar until the 9" screen Galaxy note 7 comes out and takes over teh worldz!!!1!

[ot]I actually saw someone today on The Verge argue that he couldn't own an iPhone because it wouldn't play his anime and make it look as good as he wanted it to. He expected to be taken seriously. No one who watches anime can ever really expect to be taken seriously when they attempt to use it to win an argument. I really can't with people anymore.[/ot]

However, if Apple releases a smart watch that doesn't allow for its wearer to blast himself to the moon and breathe underwater without aid of a SCUBA device, it's a failure and Apple is dead?

I'm personally not interested in the smartwatch tech, but I don't wear a watch because...why? However, I think the tech is cool, I'm excited to see where it can go and what it can do.

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